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Mario and the Eternal Star

Mario and the Eternal Star is my flash series I am creating, I first decided to make a Mario sprite animated series in 2010, using Flipnote Studio for the DSi system. Over time I decided to redo the series again and again and eventually decided to use Flash instead of Flipnote. I kept practicing to get better animation skills and constantly rewrote aspects of the story to get it to make more sense and to be less awful (I was 14 when I originally created the story). At the moment I am working on the first episode in what I consider to be the final restart of the series before I finally get it done, something I have wanted to do ever since I came up with it

You can watch previous unfinished parts/openings of the series below the character section, this area will contain the final version of the series and links to each episode as they are created

At the bottom of this page there is more flash and flipnote animations i've created that aren't related to Mario TES as well! 



Mario sprites by: CyberwolfJV, AJ Nitro, PxlCobit, Shadow624

Luigi sprites by: CyberwolfJV, AJ Nitro

Yoshi sprites by: Ragey, Legend-tony980

Rosalina sprites by: gaminggirl73 (custom/edited poses by me)

Bowser sprites by: Dimentio44, Brawlfan1, Ninboy123, Luigi*

Shadow Queen sprites by: LordGavin (custom/edited poses by me)

Katsumi sprites by: Me, Luigi*  

Dark Yoshi sprites by: Ragey, Legend-tony980 (edited by me) 

Previous versions of Mario and the Eternal Star

Mario and the Eternal Star opening 2012

The first version I made with flash. While it is a definite improvement over the original it's still very poor quality, I did not know how to use a virtual camera at the time and it was done entirely with tweens.



Mario and the Eternal Star Episode 1 (2011 Flipnote Studio version) 

The final animation I made with flipnote studio before moving onto adobe flash. The story of the opening has changed quite a lot since this episode as I have rewritten most of the story, to make it make more sense and be less awful. For the program it was made with, I feel the animation was my best work for the time.



More animations

Other animations I've made both with Flipnote Studio and Flash are here. I have plans to make animations with my own drawings as well as sprites some day, I have made some for school but I haven't uploaded them to the internet yet. Maybe soon they'll be in this section with everything else.

Click the previews to watch the animations!

Luigi vs Bowser- Animation for Kampel125's Birthday (2013)

This is currently my best and most recent animation, however it's still far from perfect and I've practiced a lot since making it. I made it for a birthday present for my good friend Kampel125.



Christmas/100 Subscribers Mario Animation (2012)

This was put together in 2 days so the quality and length isn't really what I was aiming for. It's only very short and not much happens, but it was very useful practice for more important animations



Mario vs Bowser collab with Mario957 (2011)

A collab me and a friend Mario957 made on flipnote, we both made about half of this each, taking turns to battle it out. Overall this wasn't actually finished and the fight doesn't have a real winner, but it's still one of the longest animations i've made. I edited all the pieces of the collab together in this youtube video, whereas on flipnote hatena each part had to be a seperate upload due to the size limit.