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Brawl Character Mods + Stage Mods

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Red Bowser (Smash Wii U)

My favorite Bowser skin from Smash 4, recreated in Brawl, I decided to make the pink darker to make it slightly different and found it looked a lot better in game. Comes with 3 different CSPs, Battle Portraits and a Stock Icon.

Woods Wario

Wario's colour palette from Wario's Woods on the NES, a puzzle game starring Toad with Wario as the villian. This is a recreation of a skin by TriangleJeff on Brawlvault where I decided to use Wario's default skin tone as opposed to the pinkish orange from the original sprite, to make it fit Brawl better while still being a unique reference.

Golden Wolf

Edit of a really early Brawlvault texture which has been long since deleted, I believe it was by Starwaffle but I'm not 100% sure
I fixed up the transparency issues on the fur, I couldn't fix the one black dot on his face but its not noticeable in game

Dark Ocarina Zelda 

(Download Coming Soon)

Cherry Blossom Dreamland

Inspired by the Melee texture of the same name, there are multiple versions of this idea out there but none of them kept the pink ground from the original version and I liked it best like that so I created my own version

Stormy Rumble Falls

Based on my very first Brawl texture originally from 2012, Rumble Falls with a stormy/heavenly feel. It uses a background from the sunset section of Final Destination. Includes both Brawl and Project M versions of Rumble Falls, 

M.U.G.E.N Content

Yoshi Edit

This Yoshi was edited from TylorTheHedgehog's Akumo Yoshi. I changed the voices to use Yoshi voice clips from Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Party 6, Mario Party 8 and Mario Kart Wii. I also edited the size of it. This is only a minor edit and do not credit me for it only credit TylorTheHedgehog and the people he listed to credit in the read me file.